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At Daybreak, we take pride in laying out the road to recovery from addiction in an authentic manner. We see a future for every patient that is free of the hold drugs and alcohol have on them to be able to thrive. Families can heal and change is possible. Come experience the difference at DayBreak West Palm Beach.

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Our Program Detox

For some of our clients, an in-house drug or alcohol detox may be required before entering our Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) or Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP).

The detoxification process is the first step in recovering from substance and/or alcohol use disorder to help the body rid itself of drugs and alcohol.

Through our medically supervised detox, patients can safely and comfortably rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol. By cleansing the bloodstream of these substances, the patient can begin to feel normal again. A full medical detox provides comprehensive medical and psychological care for each patient.

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drug rehab west palm beach
drug detox west palm beach

Our Program Inpatient Rehab

Recovery from addiction alone may pose too great of a challenge for some. Initial withdrawal symptoms and mental health conditions can make the process dangerous. Going through recovery alone or without proper guidance, can be overly stressful and aggravate issues that may set back your recovery. Outside influences can also affect your progress. Even for those who have attempted substance abuse disorder on their own and succeeded for a period time, they will often relapse.

We provide extensive care and support during the recovery process with our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. Through a combination of medical detox, therapy sessions, and a communal effort, we can help you achieve long-term addiction recovery.

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Our Program Holistic Approach

Drug and alcohol abuse disorder can affect the body, mind, and spirit which requires a holistic approach in order to be effective. By creating an integrative plan for each client, each of these areas can be assessed simultaneously. Our holistic approach to addiction recovery focuses on healing the whole body.

While we feature many evidence-based addiction treatments, we also offer holistic therapies and alternative treatments known to support recovery to provide clients with a broad range of support for managing their addiction.  Some of our alternative treatments include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, physical fitness and nutrition, all aimed to help each client heal in the way that best suits them.

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Our Program 24 Hour Medical Supervision

The physical effects drugs and alcohol can have on a person can reach into recovery. Withdrawals from substance abuse can be very intense and even dangerous which require medical intervention. Proper medical care can also increase your chances of completing the detox process as opposed to going about it on your own.

Our programs include a 24-hour medical staff made up of nurses, nurse practitioners, and is overseen by a physician. They are available to monitor your vitals during detox and take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure your safety and comfort. They are also able to administer medications to ease the withdrawal process.

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medical detox west palm beach

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Best Detox & Rehab Center for Addiction in West Palm Beach

DayBreak is a world-class alcohol and drug rehab that offers luxury detox programs and comprehensive treatment programs. Unlike other rehab centers in West Palm Beach, we offer multiple levels of care in order to meet all clients wherever they happen to be on their recovery journey. In addition to our inpatient rehab programs, we also feature partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient programs, and sober living housing. Our medical team is able to treat dual diagnosis and offer medication assisted treatment to clients who need it. With high-quality treatment for substance use disorders, clients can achieve the recovery they crave. Drug and alcohol addiction won’t go away on their own; the only way to manage these addictions successfully is through quality addiction recovery programs. 

Why Choose DayBreak for Rehab in West Palm Beach

With our evidence-based treatments and holistic approach to lasting recovery from substance use disorders, Daybreak has become a leading addiction recovery healthcare center in the region. We offer personalized treatments in our luxury rehab that’s complemented by ultra-comfortable furnishings, salon services, spa, and massage services. We feature a wide range of therapies that include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and much more. Our diverse treatment approaches provide clients with a well-rounded foundation to build their recovery. Whether you’re suffering from cocaine addiction, prescription drug addiction, or alcoholism, DayBreak can help you end your dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol Detox in West Palm Beach

Alcohol detox is often the first stage of a person’s treatment plan. If you need alcohol detox, DayBreak features a state-of-the-art detox facility that’s staffed by our experienced and credentialed doctors and nurse practitioners. While drug or alcohol detox necessarily involves withdrawal symptoms, we’re able to provide treatments that eliminate or reduce these unpleasant symptoms. We do our utmost to ensure that clients can get the rest they need as they progress through our luxury detox programs. Our staff provides 24-7 monitoring so that clinicians know that clients are moving through the process safely and without experiencing delirium tremens that can occur with alcohol withdrawal. If any severe symptoms occur, we’re on hand to treat them right away.

Drug Detox Program

Whether going through heroin detox or cocaine detox, clients will receive 24-hour support during the drug detox process. During detox, doctors may recommend medication assisted treatment (MAT) for some people, particularly those with an opioid addiction like a heroin addiction. Some medications can reduce the intense cravings for the addictive substance or alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Many clients continue MAT even after detox for a period of time if it helps their recovery process. Once clients have progressed through the detox process, they’ll be able to begin the next phase of their recovery journey. Detox only targets the physical dependence associated with drug addiction or alcohol addiction. It’s the additional treatments we offer that target clients’ psychological and behavioral reliance on drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab Program in West Palm Beach

DayBreak features high-quality alcoholism treatment based on evidencebased therapy options and holistic approaches to addiction recovery. To manage an alcohol abuse problem effectively, clients work with therapists to unravel what leads them to drink–and to drink in excess. Discovering their triggers is the first step to managing them. Alcohol addiction is associated with high relapse rates, so DayBreak features a strong relapse prevention component in our alcoholism treatment programs. In addition to our inpatient and outpatient programs, we also feature sober living housing where clients can transition from rehab back to their everyday lives in a safe, supportive, and alcohol-free setting. 

Drug Rehab Program in West Palm Beach

At DayBreak, our substance abuse treatments for drug addictions involve medically sanctioned therapies, alternative treatments, and holistic treatment. We are able to customize treatment for each client so that they get the support they need. In addition to individual treatment, we feature group therapies and a wide range of treatments that target each aspect of drug addiction. Clients can expect empathetic care and professional support from our team of experienced clinicians. When you visit our West Palm Beach, FL, treatment center, we can carefully evaluate your condition in order to recommend the ideal rehab program for you. While other alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers may feature more limited options, we cover all levels of care and provide numerous treatment options to provide each client with the well-rounded support they need to build a successful recovery.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of rehab programs depend on the levels of care associated with each client’s treatment program as well as how long they attend recovery programs. A person enrolled in inpatient treatment can typically expect to pay more than someone enrolled in outpatient programs because inpatient programs involve 24-hour support. While it might be tempting to choose a program because of cost-related factors, it’s best to choose the ideal treatment program for your needs. Most insurance providers cover the costs or a substantial portion of treatment costs. When you visit DayBreak, we can discuss your specific treatment recommendations and determine what’s covered by your medical insurance provider.

How Long Does Detox Last?

Medical detox is the process by which a person is weaned of the substance they’ve been addicted to. There’s no set time frame for this process, but most people complete it in about a week. A person’s unique chemistry impacts the process. The substance and the length of time the person has been addicted to it will also impact this process and its time frame. During our detox programs, clients can expect care that’s tailored to their needs. As they’re bodies are gradually ‘cleaned’ of the alcohol or drug, they’ll begin to feel better, suffering from fewer withdrawal symptoms. Drug and alcohol detox is an important first step in the recovery process. After it’s completed, clients can move to the next part of their treatment plan.

30 Day (Short Term Rehab)

Most addiction specialists agree that 30 days is the minimum time a person needs to spend in formal treatment to achieve recovery from addiction. Even so, substance addiction is a chronic condition. A person doesn’t leave alcohol or drug rehab ‘cured.’ They leave, ideally, with the ability to manage their addiction by abstaining from using addictive substances. During inpatient treatment or intensive outpatient treatment, clients will get help identifying what led them to abuse drugs or alcohol and how to manage those triggers, which are often negative emotions or unhealthy thought patterns. Many clients choose to continue getting substance abuse treatment after completing intensive treatment in rehab in order to maintain their continued recovery progress.

Long Term Rehab

It’s not uncommon for many people to spend a longer period in alcohol and drug rehab. DayBreak offers long-term recovery programs, allowing people to get 60-90 days of addiction treatments. In fact, studies have demonstrated that the longer a person spends in treatment for substance abuse disorders, the less likely that they will relapse. With long term inpatient or outpatient treatment, clients have more time learning how to manage their addiction. The process of transitioning back to their everyday lives can be complicated and stressful. The continued support of intensive outpatient treatment that follows residential therapy can provide clients with a strong foundation for lasting recovery. Many clients, especially those who have been addicted for a long time or are suffering from dual diagnosis, often choose to spend more time enrolled in long-term addiction treatment programs. At DayBreak, we can accommodate their treatment needs.

PHP in West Palm Beach

DayBreak offers partial hospitalization (PHP) programs at our luxury rehab. Our PHP programs generally run between three and five weeks. During those weeks, clients will meet at our treatment facility for six days of each week for most of the day. After their last treatment session, they’re able to return to their home. Our PHP programs are highly structured and feature a high degree of support. This type of program is ideal for clients who need intensive support and treatment but want to reside at home. Treatments include both individual and group therapy as well as evidence-based and holistic therapies.

IOP in West Palm Beach

Intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment is another treatment program DayBreak offers at our West Palm Beach recovery center. During this program, clients will meet at DayBreak several days each week (starting with five and eventually tapering to three) for three hours each day. Clients who have achieved a level of stability and are transitioning back to their everyday lives may find that this treatment program suits their needs best. Many people enrolled in our IOP choose to continue working or attending school. IOP programs for drugs and alcohol addiction offer clients the flexibility they may need in order to continue caring for their family.  

Does My Insurance Have Coverage for Rehab?

Today, most medical insurance providers offer some level of insurance coverage for the treatment of substance use disorders. How much of the treatment will be covered depends on the insurance provider and the insurance plan you have. If you’re uncertain about your plan’s coverage, you can get in touch with DayBreak. Our insurance specialists may be able to help you sort out what your plan covers for rehab and mental health treatment. Remember, too, the costs for addiction treatments vary. Residential treatment is necessarily more expensive than outpatient treatment. We can help you determine what your insurance will cover regarding your specific treatment plan.

Additional Therapies & Addiction Treatments Available

DayBreak offers a wide range of drugs and alcohol addiction treatments. While other rehab centers near West Palm Beach, Florida, may offer a few treatments, we feature a diverse group of evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to recovery. Our therapies target addiction from numerous angles. Clients learn how to confront and manage negative emotions. They learn how to manage stress, communicate more effectively, eat better, live better, and, of course, to control the triggers that could cause relapse. 

MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment)

Medication assisted treatment can be helpful for many people struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction. It involves the use of drugs to halt or reduce cravings to use and withdrawal symptoms. Our recovery center in West Palm Beach, FL, features MAT. Clients may start MAT during detox or at any stage during their treatment plan if they need it. MAT is particularly effective for alcohol addiction and heroin addiction. Many clients find that these medications alleviate unpleasant symptoms, allowing them to engage more fully with their other therapies.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

An important psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is used to treat many mental health disorders, including alcohol and drug addiction, eating disorder, and cooccurring disorders. During CBT sessions, clients address their unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviors. Understanding them is the first step to changing them. Ultimately, therapists help clients make important changes in the way they think and behave that foster their continued recovery. Today, CBT has become a fixture in the treatment of substance addiction.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is related to CBT but it features a stronger focus on distress tolerance. With improved distress tolerance and emotional regulation, clients may find it easier to manage their addiction or other mental health disorders like bipolar disorders. DBT is frequently offered to clients experiencing cooccurring mental health conditions. Simultaneous therapy for addiction and cooccurring disorders is ideal for achieving successful management of both conditions. DayBreak’s behavioral health therapists are highly trained, credentialed, and are committed to providing clients with the empathetic care they deserve.

Rational Emotive Behavior (REBT)

During rational emotive behavior (REBT) sessions, clients get help confronting their unhealthy and irrational thoughts and feelings that can impact their behaviors. REBT therapists help clients to manage their feelings and thoughts in healthier ways. Therapists know that behaviors are connected to thoughts and feelings. By addressing the unhealthy ways in which clients think and feel, they can help them improve their behaviors. Therapists will help clients develop and practice using strategies that help them respond rationally to situations. REBT can be helpful in the treatment of substance use disorders as well as behavioral health conditions and cooccurring disorders.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Even though about a third of people who have a drug or alcohol addiction also have a mental health condition, not all drug and alcohol rehab centers near West Palm Beach, FL, offer dual diagnosis treatment. However, DayBreak does. Without simultaneous treatments for a mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder, either condition can negatively impact the other. Managing both conditions effectively at the same time can result in successful management of both. If you are struggling with dual diagnosis, you can get the support you need at DayBreak.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention therapy is ideal for people who are at a more significant risk for relapse. Certain drugs are powerfully addictive. For example, the relapse rate for meth is about 93%. Many people addicted to meth or other powerful drugs can benefit from the skills they learn during these treatment sessions for keeping relapse at bay. Some people with addiction may be more vulnerable because of their dual diagnosis or other factors that appear to impede their recovery. With relapse prevention therapy, they can learn how to identify, avoid, and cope with high-risk situations that may leave them vulnerable to relapse.

Alternative Treatments

While DayBreak offers numerous medically sanctioned treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, we also feature holistic and alternative treatments that are widely known to enhance recovery. There’s strong anecdotal evidence among people who have recovered from addiction that alternative treatments like art therapy, music therapy, and restorative yoga can enhance recovery. At DayBreak, clients learn to embrace healthy lifestyle habits, and many holistic and alternative treatments allow them to explore new ways of living and coping with their thoughts and feelings.


Some clients have found that acupuncture alleviates the discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms during their detox process. Clients report feeling better and more calm after acupuncture treatments. An ancient practice developed in China, acupuncture is a therapy that involves the placement of needles in the skin at certain locations. Addiction specialists believe that the needles may be triggering the release of endorphins that spur healing. These endorphins target the body and brain, which may be why clients report feeling better during detox or feeling less stressed after acupuncture treatments during their rehab program. While not all clients are interested in acupuncture, many find that it enhances their recovery process.


Yoga is an ancient practice that comes from India. Today, it is now widely practiced in the west too. Yoga involves stretching, controlled breathing, and meditation techniques. By focusing on achieving and maintaining poses and postures, clients learn how to empty their minds of thoughts. These techniques can benefit them during and after recovery. Yoga is ideal for stress management while also benefiting clients’ physically. Many rehab centers all over the country offer restorative yoga sessions to people recovering from addiction. Many choose to continue to practice yoga long after they complete their treatment programs.


During rehab treatments at DayBreak, clients learn many different strategies for coping with their triggers, which often include negative emotions and thoughts. Meditation is the practice of clearing the mind. This is an excellent coping method for people recovering from substance use disorders and looking for ways to stop negative emotions and thoughts in their tracks. At DayBreak, we feature meditation therapy to help clients learn about the practice and become more adept at incorporating it into their daily lives.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a major component of many rehab programs today. Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers many types of group therapies, including 12 step facilitation and gender-specific group therapy. The group setting is beneficial to clients as it allows them to provide support for one another. Together, they can explore various issues with therapists that tend to affect most people recovering from substance use disorders. Clients can expect to participate in group therapy during both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

One on One Therapy

DayBreak is well-known for our individual treatments. Each person is unique and brings a unique set of circumstances with them to West Palm Beach rehab. During one-on-one therapy sessions, clients have the opportunity to work with their therapist to confront and manage their unique circumstances associated with their alcohol or drug addiction. Some clients need mental health treatment as part of their personalized treatment plans. Individualized alcohol and drug abuse treatment allows clients to identify why they abused these harmful substances and how to best manage their triggers so they can refrain from using in the future. The best substance use disorders treatment involves an individual therapy component, which is why DayBreak includes one on one therapy in our treatment programs.

Family Therapy

Substance abuse problems affect the families of many of our clients at DayBreak. That’s why we offer family therapy. Our family therapists help family members understand the nature of addiction and how to provide healthy kinds of support for their loved ones. They learn to communicate better and in healthier ways. With the guidance of the therapist, they can also confront issues like mistrust and work to repair their damaged relationships. Family therapy benefits clients and family members, helping them heal from the damage caused by addiction.

Trauma Informed Therapy

Clients who have experienced trauma or a series of traumas in their past can benefit from trauma informed therapy. This type of therapy is especially helpful to clients who are also recovering from post traumatic stress disorder. As a way to deal with the pain of trauma, it’s not uncommon for people to turn to alcohol or drugs. However, that use can turn to dependence and then addiction very quickly. Our therapists help clients to confront their trauma in safety and find ways to cope that are healthy. Healing from trauma can have a beneficial effect on the addiction recovery process too.


EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. It’s a form of psychotherapy that promotes healing from emotional distress. It’s widely used in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder and can also help people suffering from a dual diagnosis. During EMDR sessions, clients focus on the memory or memories that left them traumatized. By changing the way that traumatic memories are stored, EMDR has been shown to reduce symptoms. If EMDR is ideal for you, it can be added to your treatment program.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness fosters a healthy lifestyle. A holistic approach to addiction recovery, physical fitness is something that all clients can benefit from no matter their current fitness level. West Palm Beach residents enjoy many fitness activities. At DayBreak, we encourage clients to engage in fitness activities that they enjoy or to try new ones. While jogging, swimming, or walking, for instance, the body releases feel-good endorphins that go to work healing the body’s muscles but also flood the brain. The result is that people experience a “natural high” that is actually beneficial to the body. Physical fitness is a great way to reduce stress and alleviate negative emotions that could trigger relapse if left unchecked.

Off Site Activities

While most of DayBreak’s treatment programs occur in our alcohol and drug rehab center, we do feature off-site activities or encourage clients enrolled in our outpatient plans to engage in healthful activities like hiking or fishing in order to enhance their recovery. Some of our off-site activities foster group therapy sessions. Clients can take a break from their intensive treatments to enjoy a movie or other activity with other clients in recovery programs. Healthy experiences can help fill the void left behind when a person stops using alcohol or drugs. We encourage clients to fill their free time wisely with activities that support healthy living. By engaging in positive activities, clients may be less tempted to revisit unhealthy settings and situations that could threaten their recovery.

Why Choose DayBreak Treatment Solutions

While there are many drug and alcohol rehab centers in South Florida and elsewhere in the state, DayBreak is a trusted addiction treatment center that features numerous levels of care that help clients no matter where they are in their recovery journey. We offer clinically supervised detox programs, medication assisted treatment, holistic approaches to wellness, evidence-based treatments for addiction, dual diagnosis treatment, and more. Our rehab features inpatient and outpatient programs as well as sober living options.

To manage an addiction successfully, clients need professional support that DayBreak can offer. Addiction is a multi-type condition that involves powerful physical, emotional, and behavioral dependencies. It’s chronic and complex. We help clients learn how to manage their condition with newly learned skills, tools, and resources based on medically sanctioned and holistic therapies. If you are struggling with a drug or alcohol abuse problem, get in touch with DayBreak to learn more about our treatment offerings. We can also discuss our enrollment process and help you choose the ideal treatment plan for your needs. 

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