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Top Rated Alcohol Detox Program in West Palm Beach

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common substance use disorders that Americans will encounter due the easy accessibility and predominance of it within the day to day activities in American culture. Alcohol is present at most social events and celebrations and has become normalized as a method of coping with stressful or distressing emotions, or a way to relate and socialize with others. This normalization of alcohol abuse can make it hard for individuals to differentiate when it is time to seek treatment and get support for alcohol addiction. If you are concerned about your alcohol consumption or find that you are experiencing significant side effects when you stop drinking, an alcohol detox will help you safely overcome the physical dependence to alcohol that has been developed. 

West Palm Beach residents that are ready to address their alcohol addiction and take the first steps in overcoming your substance abuse will be provided with individualized care and treatment methods that will be centered around your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery. We believe that addiction is a personal disease that starts for each person for your own unique circumstances and each person living with an active alcohol addiction will experience their own specific circumstances and side effects within your own life. The alcohol detox program at DayBreak will be designed to support your unique circumstances and side effects of alcohol addiction through a comprehensive, whole person integrated approach to addiction treatment and detox. 

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Alumni Testimonials

Daybreak changed my life. The staff – from the nurses, therapists, managers, and most importantly – the on-site techs, were all extremely helpful in our recovery. Everything you need is available from detox all the way through residential treatment. (I did not participate in any further treatment options). If you or someone you love really wants the help, this is a great place to find it. This is definitely something that you take out what you put in, and if you participate in the groups, the therapy, and take advantage of the help that they willingly offer – you can make change here. Thanks to the Daybreak family, I am 101 days into a powerful new life.

Daybreak has been extremely beneficial in my recovery process. The staff, many of whom are in recovery themselves, have shown me repeatedly that they genuinely care about me and all the other clients here. This fact, combined with their knowledge on the recovery process, has benefited me more than any other treatment center in the past. My counselor, Holly, has been especially helpful to me. I would absolutely recommend Daybreak to a friend or anyone struggling with addiction.

I cannot say enough about this place! Daybreak saved my life! From the minute I walked in the door I was treated with respect, dignity, and a compassion I had never experienced in any of the many other treatment facilities I had been to. What made the difference for me was the staff. The people who worked there truly cared about me and my recovery. There honestly was never a moment that I felt alone and the fact that many of the staff are in recovery themselves meant they truly understood what I was going through at my most vulnerable. Knowing these people were so invested in saving me from myself, were always there if I needed to talk, and that they honestly cared about me and my recovery undoubtedly made all the difference for me. Daybreak also maintains a family atmosphere in such beautiful facilities and makes sure that your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met. I’ve never had such an amazing experience in treatment before. If you or a loved one is suffering please let Daybreak give you the opportunity to get your life back. Keri P.

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What is Alcohol Detox Like?

When you are ready to overcome your alcohol addiction, the first important step is to address the physical dependence that has been developed to alcohol with the support of an alcohol detox program. Before you will be able to do the necessary work of addressing the underlying emotions and traumas that have influenced your addictive behaviors, it is important that you clear your body of the harmful toxins and side effects of alcohol consumption within an alcohol detox program. Patients will enter into a medical detox where you will have the ongoing supervision and guidance of our doctor and nurse practitioners who will ensure that you can safely overcome your alcohol withdrawal symptoms by mitigating the severity of your withdrawal symptoms to ensure that you remain comfortable and at ease. 

What To Expect During Detox?

The first step of alcohol detox is to sit down with our addiction counselors to complete a detailed intake and initial assessments that will help us gain an understanding of your history with alcohol abuse and any existing medical conditions or mental health disorders. This information will help inform our team of how to develop an alcohol detox and rehab program that will support your specific physical and mental health needs to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your medical detox program. As you progress through your alcohol detox, you will be monitored by nurses and doctors that are specifically trained in safe detox practices who will provide you with medical interventions as you experience any alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Patients will be invited to participate in holistic treatments, medically assisted treatment, behavioral therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment to support you in having a whole person integrated healing experience that will support you in successfully overcoming your alcohol addiction.

How Long is Detox?

Many West Palm Beach residents will often ask how long they will be in alcohol detox for. Your time in medical detox will depend on your specific history with alcohol consumption including how long you have been engaging in alcohol abuse, how much alcohol you would consume in a given time, and how often you would engage in alcohol consumption. Individuals that have a more severe history with alcohol abuse will often experience significant alcohol withdrawal symptoms that need to be treated by medical practitioners. Patients in alcohol detox will often experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms and remain in alcohol detox for 3-7 days depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction. 

Symptoms of Alcohol Detox

Your experience in alcohol detox and the withdrawal symptoms that will arise for you will be dependent on your unique history with alcohol consumption. The more severe your addiction to alcohol is, the more severe your withdrawal symptoms will be. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on your alcohol abuse history.  Common withdrawal symptoms that patients will experience in alcohol detox are: 

  • Headaches 
  • Depression 
  • Irregular sleep patterns or insomnia 
  • Anxiety 
  • Exhaustion or fatigue 
  • Increased blood pressure 
  • Significant mood swings with extreme highs and lows 
  • Hyperthermia 
  • Irregular breathing patterns 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Heart palpitations 
  • Hand and body shakes or tremors 
  • Seizures 
  • Convulsions

The expert medical team at DayBreak is specifically trained and educated to support you in overcoming your alcohol withdrawal symptoms and, ultimately, achieve a life of sober living in West Palm Beach with the support of our evidence based therapy methods. 

Acute Detox

For individuals that are experiencing a severe addiction to alcohol where you feel intense and, sometimes, life threatening side effects if you attempt to quit drinking alcohol, it is important that you detox within an acute detox program. Severe alcohol withdrawal can result in dangerous, sometimes fatal,  side effects including delirium tremens that need to have the ongoing treatment and monitoring of medical professionals. Patients in an acute detox will have access to medical professionals 24/7 while residing within a residential treatment program that will ensure your physical and mental health remain healthy and stable throughout your alcohol detox. 

Sub Acute Detox

For those West Palm Beach residents that are quitting alcohol abuse and experiencing mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, a sub acute detox will be the appropriate alcohol detox option to support you in a safe and successful alcohol detox method. Patients will be able to manage their withdrawal symptoms on their own with the support of addiction counselors and medical professionals within an outpatient alcohol rehab in West Palm Beach setting. Patients in a sub acute detox will attend the recovery center for check ins and therapy sessions while being able to return home each night or reside within a sober living home. 

Why Choose DayBreak For Alcohol Detox

DayBreak is the leading choice for West Palm Beach residents that are ready to overcome their alcohol addiction and engage in an alcohol detox and rehab program. Through our personalized approach to addiction treatment and recovery, our team of compassionate counselors will support you in healing from the underlying causes of alcohol addiction while providing you with the support to enter into a life of sober living.  As you detox from alcohol within our residential treatment center, you will have access to our luxury amenities that will support you in having a safe, comfortable detox process allowing you to stay focused on your overarching goals for achieving a life of addiction recovery. Contact DayBreak today to speak with our intake specialists who will answer any questions that you  have about alcohol detox and get out started on the road to recovery.