Qualities of A Top Alcohol Rehab in West Palm Beach

August 8, 2022 | Alcohol , Alcohol Detox

Qualities of A Top Alcohol Rehab in West Palm Beach

What To Look For In An Alcohol Rehab

For West Palm Beach, Florida residents who are ready to take the courageous step to seek treatment for their alcohol addiction, DayBreak is the leading choice in rehab centers. What puts DayBreak ahead of other drug or alcohol rehab centers is the high quality of addiction treatment methods that are provided to patients. When you are looking for a quality alcohol addiction treatment program, there are key components to look for that will ensure that you have the highest levels of care provided to you at your greatest time of need. 

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1. Accreditation

Choosing a alcohol treatment rehab center that is accredited will allow you to put your mind at ease that you are receiving top quality evidence based therapy addiction treatment approaches by licensed addiction counselors and clinicians. Accredited treatment centers operate under guidelines and standards of practice that will ensure that patients receive high quality levels of care that are monitored to ensure that rehabilitation centers operate in a manner that maintains a person’s dignity and respect throughout their addiction treatment process.

2. Medically Assisted Detox

Alcohol addiction has the potential of developing into a severe physical dependence that can result in significant, sometimes life threatening, withdrawal symptoms. During a patient’s entire alcohol detox process, a medical professional will provide supervision and attend to any healthcare needs. As you experience severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, the onsite nurses and doctors will provide patients with holistic treatments and medication assisted treatment that will work to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and lessen the onset of alcohol cravings. Patients will be able to remain focused on their addiction recovery program while maintaining their comfortability and physical and mental health. 

3. Personalized Addiction Treatment

Your substance use disorder is unique to you and in order to heal from your alcohol addiction, your treatment programs need to be centered around your specific needs and goals for addiction treatment. Patients in addiction treatment should have a personalized treatment plan that offers evidence based therapy methods that will support you in healing from your underlying causes of alcohol addiction.

4. Offers a Range of Alcohol Rehab Programs

West Palm Beach residents have busy lifestyles and there are some individuals who will need flexible options for alcohol rehab. It’s important to choose a recovery center that offers various types of treatment that will work within your current schedule and commitments. Patients can choose from an inpatient rehab center where they reside during treatment or an outpatient rehab program, including a partial hospitalization program, or intensive outpatient program.

5. Doesn’t Overpromise on Services

As you prepare to enter into a treatment program, you want to know what to expect. A recovery center should be transparent and honest about services that you will receive without making outlandish promises. You don’t want any surprises when you enter the healing center and choosing a treatment facility that is honest about the services you will receive will help to increase your success in overcoming alcohol addiction. 

6. Specializes In Your Addiction

Substance use disorders encompass a variety of substances or either drug or alcohol. Each type of addiction requires a specialized approach to addiction treatment. It is important to find a recovery center that understands the impacts of alcohol addiction compared to drug abuse. This allows patients to safely overcome the physical addiction to alcohol or drugs within a medical detox that can treat the specific withdrawal symptoms that are associated with the specific substance you are abusing. 

Why Choose DayBreak for Alcohol Rehab in West Palm Beach

At DayBreak, we value the individual stories and circumstances that our patients have encountered throughout your alcohol addiction. That is why we focus on creating an addiction treatment program that is centered around your specific needs for healing. We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that incorporates behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, medication assisted treatment, holistic treatments, recreation therapy, family therapy, and music or art therapy. Healing from alcohol addiction requires focusing on healing and strengthening your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Contact DayBreak to learn more about the individualized treatment programs that are created for West Palm Beach residents that will propel you into the life of sober living that you have been wanting.