7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Drug Rehab in West Palm Beach

July 4, 2022 | Addiction Treatment , Drug Rehab

DayBreak Treatment Solutions 7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Drug Rehab in West Palm Beach

When It’s Time for Drug Rehab

Many West Palm Beach residents drink or use drugs recreationally, but it can be hard to know when your substance use is becoming a problem. It may be time to look into rehab centers if:

  • Your drug use is causing health problems
  • Your relationship with loved ones is strained due to drug use
  • You need the substance to get through the day or feel normal
  • You value the drug over your hobbies and interests
  • You are having work, financial, legal, or school trouble due to drug use
  • You are unable to quit or cut back on your own

How To Choose A Drug Rehab In West Palm Beach

When you are looking into several different drug rehab facilities and wondering which to choose, you may want to ask the following questions:

1.       Does it offer the mental health care I need?

A dual diagnosis plan for co-occurring mental illnesses like bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and others is important for many people to be able to fully recover from addiction.

2.       Does it offer the medical care I need?

Long-term or severe drug and alcohol use can cause health conditions that require 24-hour or intensive medical care, medication management, and care. Staying in a rehab facility that has medical staff on-site around the clock to monitor your safety and comfort is the best option.

3.       Is the staff licensed and qualified in providing care?

Anybody can open a “wellness clinic”, licensed or not, so it is important to ensure that certified addiction professionals are handling your treatments.

4.       Is the treatment customizable and flexible?

No two patients are alike, so it is best if your treatment plan can be tailored to best suit your health needs, your preferences, your budget, and your practical needs.

5.       Can my family and loved ones be part of my treatment?

For many people, family is everything, and they want their family to be their support system. Are family contact, family therapy, and family support included in your addiction treatment program?

6.       Are there outpatient rehab programs available?

Some people cannot leave their home, their job, their college program, or other life responsibilities to stay inside a recovery center for residential treatment after drug or alcohol detox. If this is the case for you, you may wish to find a program that offers partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient levels of care.

7.       What happens if I relapse? 

Although relapse prevention programs are given in many drug and alcohol treatment plans, recovery is never a completely straight line. If you hit a bump in the road do the addiction treatment centers offer additional resources, care, and support?

Choosing DayBreak West Palm Beach for Drug Rehab 

At DayBreak we treat:

  • Alcohol abuse and addiction
  • Benzodiazepine addiction
  • Addiction to sleeping pills
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Meth addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Heroin addiction

We have medical detox and medication-assisted treatment plans, inpatient rehab, and outpatient programs including a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient program that are tailored to best suit each of our clients. During your intake we get to know all about you, your health needs, and your recovery goals, building a rehab program that will help you heal the roots of your addiction, repair relationships with loved ones, and build yourself a healthier sober life on a more positive trajectory.

Types of treatment available at the DayBreak treatment facility in West Palm Beach include:

  • Group therapy for various issues concerning substance use disorders
  • Individual therapy and addiction treatments
  • Medication-assisted treatment plans
  • Family therapy
  • Holistic treatments
  • Psychoeducational therapy
  • EMDR
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Rational emotive behavior therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • 12-step programs (Alcoholics Anonymous AA meetings and Narcotics Anonymous NA meetings)
  • SMART recovery groups
  • Referrals to sober living homes

People in south Florida searching through all the treatment centers and drug rehabs available for alcohol rehab or drug rehab can visit our website or phone us 24 hours a day for information. Drug rehabs are not all the same, so it is important to learn all you can about the substance abuse treatment programs available at the drug and alcohol rehab center you choose, making sure it fits your criteria. Contact our team today to find out more about what our individualized treatment plans have to offer you or your loved one.